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2014's Best Movie Trailer

So what movies deserve to be in the list? I have collated input from a lot of different source with bloggers, forum comments and even some critics comments taken into consideration. I have the full 2014 best trailers right here. Enjoy!

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What will 2015 bring?

The end of 2014 is fast approaching, what movie trailers will be the top of the list next year? I am guessing Star Wars and Batman V Superman.

Nathan, at Trailer Geek, is adamnet that National Treasure will announce and have a trailer out next year - we will see I guess. The horror I am looking forward to most though is Insidious 3

Thanks to...

Deciding what movies to include was difficult but I did have help from the likes of Nathan, the movie trailers expert at Trailer Geek for both the general movies and horror movies. Not to mention the movie forums I used to get opinions: Bloody Disgusting, Empire and Coming Soon.

This years top 5 movie trailers are:

I know there are a lot more than just these 5 trailers, it really was hard for me to choose. Only 1 movie from that 5 is in my personal top 5 but these trailers are what came out on top of all the opions I collected. Mt top 5 horror will be uploaded next week once I go through the rest of comments, there is actually a huge shock on the horror movies, well I was shocked anyway...

I am going top open up a dedicated poll here so you can vote for your favorite movie trailers. Keep checking back for details!